Monthly Agenda

Upcoming Events

Professional and Community Development

Career Workshop

  • Informational Interviews

Peer Networking

  • Project/Data Competition Collaboration

Virtual and In-person Community Events:

  • Hiking(Fall)/Skiing(Spring)

  • BBQ

  • Slack Community

Networking Aspirations

Connection with AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association)

  • Involvement/Volunteering in Conferences

  • Involvement in Working Groups

  • Journal Review

Connecting with MSI (The Minnesota Supercomputing Institute)

  • Linking events

Connection with COGS (The Council of Graduate Students)

  • Sitting on COGS monthly meetings(Represent and advocate for health informatics students in the graduate student body at UMN)

Subcommittee connection with external network

  • Subcommittees may extend their networks beyond the above

Past events

May 24th, 2021

IHI Student Group(ISG) held its first-ever event: to help demystify the Ph.D. Preliminary Written and Oral Examinations(PWE/POE)! It was a collaborative effort between ISG and the Institute. We received strong support from Direct of Graduate Studies(DGS) Dr. David Pieczkiewicz and Academic Programs Manager Jenna! If you want to check out this amazing session again or for the first time, we have the recording and the slide right here!

Kick-off Event

May 25th, 2021

IHI Student Group(ISG) presented formally for the first time to the leaders and members of the faculty, administration, and staff at the Institute. In the meeting, the group introduced its goals, its structure and members, and the annual plan of activities for the upcoming academic year. The group received words of motivation and support from the Institute.

Sept 26th, 2021

IHI Student Group (ISG) held its first-ever workshop: Python Workshop. Led by Programming Subcommittee leader Changye Li.

Dec 16th, 2021

IHI Student Group (ISG) held a CV workshop led by Dr. Noro Andriamanalina. The slides are available here.